Dental Bonding

Tooth Bonding in Cypress CA

If you’re suffering from chipped, discolored, cracked or misarranged teeth, cosmetic bonding may be right for you. Dr. Wood and Dr. Chen and their friendly team are here to help restore your teeth and make them beautiful again.

What Is Bonding?

Cosmetic teeth bonding is a great alternative to veneers and can be used to restore the natural look and feel of damaged teeth. This procedure can often be completed in one office visit and can dramatically improve the appearance of a tooth. However, since the resin used isn’t as strong as your natural tooth enamel, the bonding can easily stain, chip or break. Please consider this prior to having your teeth bonded.

What Is The Procedure?

To prepare for the bonding procedure, Dr. Wood or Dr. Park will lightly etch the surface of your teeth and apply a bonding liquid. After the liquid sets, we’ll apply a plastic resin and sculpt the tooth into its desired shape. Once the resin is set, we will trim it, smooth it, and polish it to create a natural appearance.

Restore The Natural Look & Feel Of Your Teeth with Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

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Benefits of Bonding

  • Repairs the look and feel of chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged teeth

  • Bonding typically lasts 3-5 years before it needs to be repaired

  • Can generally be completed in 1 office visit

  • Looks and feels like a natural tooth

  • A great alternative to veneers

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To schedule a visit to undergo a bonding procedure, please call us at Cypress Family Dental Phone Number 714-828-4010. Drs. Wood and Park and their team are excited to have you in and help restore your teeth! If you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask!

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