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At Cypress Family Dental, our mission is to provide high-quality dental care while maintaining a fun, friendly office environment. Dr. Wood and Dr. Park and our highly trained team of dental specialists work hard to make every patient feel at home each time they visit our office. We take a holistic approach to dental care, working to maintain a healthy, strong smile for each of our patients. We pride ourselves on using only the latest in cutting edge dental technology at our office – and sometimes, that will include the use of amalgams.

A Time-Tested Treatment

Generally, dental amalgams are rarely used in modern dentistry. It’s a mixture of mercury and at least one other metal, and it’s used to fill cavities, repair fractures, or fix other general damage to teeth. While it’s less common today, it does still carry a number of advantages, including:

  • It’s malleable and easy to manipulate during placement.
  • It remains soft for a short time after placement, making it easy to fill irregularly shaped cracks in teeth.
  • It hardens into a strong, long-lasting tooth filling.

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Modern Alternatives

While the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has concluded that amalgams are a safe and effective method for tooth restoration, these days, we’ll usually rely on white composite fillings to repair teeth. While these used to be unwieldy and last only a short time, advancements in dental technology have made composite fillings effective over a wider range of applications and longer-lived than in days past. Ultimately, the correct material varies by case, so Drs. Wood or Park will work with you to decide what’s right for your teeth.

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