Get the Smile You’ve Always Dreamed of at Cypress Family Dental

teeth whitening cypress caPatients come to our Cypress, CA dentist office all the time wishing they had whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Super pricey products in retail have temporary effects and results never seem to last. Maybe you’re a coffee addict and are feeling the effects of stained teeth. Perhaps you use whitening toothpaste but never seem to get the shade you desire. Either way, we are here to show you that teeth whitening has evolved and is now easier than ever.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Dr. Don Wood knows how safe, quick, and inexpensive teeth whitening can be, and you can too! Key benefits of teeth whitening include:

  • Corrects brown, yellow, and spotted tooth staining
  • Works on people of all ages whether young or old
  • Is a near-permanent solution for a dull smile, restoring brightness for the long term

Sure you’ll smile at the improvements every time you look in the mirror. But the true value comes from making your friends and family smile from seeing you happy.

Our System For Teeth Whitening teeth whitening trays

Our cosmetic dentistry system lets you pick up your customized bleach tray in two days or less! Dr. Don Wood’s special bleaching agent requires only a few hours of wear per day; it bubbles dull stains right out of your enamel without the harmful effects that over-the-counter products may cause. The brighter your smile gets, the lower the maintenance. Of course this depends on the different types of whitening you choose. Cypress Family Dental offers a variety of methods including Zoom-In-Office Whitening, Take-Home Whitening Trays, and Crest White Strips.

Don’t Forget About Our Specials!

The month of May not only brings showers, but it also brings celebrations like weddings and graduations as well. Soon, you may find yourself in the middle of a flood of snapshots where your smile is the only thing that can keep you afloat. Make sure you look your best with our up-coming specials:

  • 25% Off Teeth Whitening For Graduation
  • 25% Off Teeth Whitening For Weddings

Our Cypress, CA dental office is proud to make cosmetic dentistry affordable for everyone. Our teeth whitening programs along with the discounts we offer make choosing Dr. Don Wood’s dentistry a no-brainer. Schedule an appointment today!

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